Mortgage Professionals!

Copy & Paste Our exact Strategy that has helped over 300 MLOs acquire referral partners

Without cold calling, without networking events, without buying leads, and without coffee dates

Removing "I'm not interested" and "oh I already have an existing lender" and "constantly following up" and ALL that negative stuff that comes with prospecting referral partners.

Do you want a successful referral-based mortgage business?

If yes, keep reading below:

We give you The Tools, Resources & Support.

You Simply Implement for results

No guesswork. Simply copy, paste & follow our proven process to grow your referral network.

This is the system you will set up

The "WA" Referral Partner Acquisition System

What You Get

🤖 The System

🖥️ Blueprints

📚 Process

👥 24/7 Support

💻 Weekly LIVE Q&A!

What You'll Receive Upon Enrollment:

1) 🤖 The System

We will provide you with 1 CRM account where all prospects flow into. The CRM provides all automations required to convert strangers into referral partners

2) 🖥️ Blueprints:

We created a step by step Video course where we hold your hand and walk you through the process of building out the entire system & Marketing Campaigns (How To locate targets and set up the outreach, the follow up, the nurture and the value-add campaigns

3) 📚 Resources:

We have over 10 documents filled with tips and tricks so that you DONT cut corners and DO get the best result possible, as if we were doing it for you.

4) 👥 24/7 Support:

We are available 24/7 via our private group to answer your question if you get stuck at any part in the process or if you just simply have a question you want to ask

5) 💻 Weekly LIVE Q&A:

Each Friday We hop on Zoom so you can ask me questions directly and get in depth answers so you can succeed with your new system.

Proof Of Concept

Exclusive Early Bird Offer:

By signing up today, you secure your spot as a

Mortgage Spartan

and gain access to all program deliverables.

*$247/mo for EVERYTHING

  • 🤖 CRM + PreMade Tested & Proven Snapshot (sold Separately for $297)

  • 🖥️ Tested & Proven Course To Build Automated System (sold Separately for $97)

  • 📚 All Proven Scripts/Templates/Frameworks/Processes (sold Separately for $97 per resource)

  • 👥 24/7 Support (Support is invaluable)

  • 💻 LIVE Q&A Weekly On Zoom So You Can Ask Me Questions Directly To Help You Succeed

No surprises, no upsells, everything included upfront!

*admission to enroll will increase to $347/mo once we hit 100 members

Sign up before it's too late!


What Is Mortgage Spartans?

Mortgage Spartans is a community of loan officers. Once you join, you will receive access to all our systems and processes in order for you to set up and run the system that gets you in front of realtor partners on autopilot. This is the same exact proven process we would do for you if you enrolled in our accelerated programs to get you new referral partners. Only difference is you will have to set up the systems using our instructions instead of us (which will be provided to you in a video format) and Yes- the system also includes a crm that helps you nurture/track those connections/partners.

How long does it take to see results?

A few weeks

I hate Realtors, can you connect me with other business professionals?


What is the potential ROI?

See testimonials above for example ROI

Do you offer a guarantee?

Since this is a "do it yourself" program, you can guarantee success if you just follow, trust the process and are consistent (like with anything in life)

Are there any upsells or surprise charges to WA Marketing Solutions?

If you use the CRM to automate your emailing and texting, you will be charged .00027 per email/text approx. Otherwise, no!

How much is it automated?

Everything is automated until a lead responds.

Is sales navigator required?

Sales navigator is not required but recommended but better lead quality.

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