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Will Anagnos (right) with Wife Christina (middle) and daughter Victoria (left)

About The Company

WA Marketing Solutions was founded in 2019 by William Anagnos, a music & business graduate from Indiana University. With his unique background, combined with a deep understanding of entrepreneurship & a passion for helping people, it wasn't long before a simple idea became a massive solution for mortgage professionals all across the country.

There was a gap in the mortgage industry, a common pain all MLOs shared, that nobody had found the solution to yet. Most MLOs struggled to get in front of and attract new referral partners, until now...

The journey began in the early 2019. WA Marketing Solutions took on it's first paying client, in which that client went on to 10x her ROI and wrote WA Marketing Solutions' first online review.

That quick success kickstarted the idea of getting these programs in the hands of every struggling loan officer, to help them predictably grow & scale their mortgage business without the long and painful process that most mortgage loan professionals go through.

As technology advanced and networking behavior shifted towards digital platforms to save time & money, more and more loan officers have moved over to the "new" way of networking for referrals and have abandoned the "old" traditional methods that are sadly still being taught today.

In 2020, WA Marketing Solutions established itself as a leader in mortgage marketing with a mission to provide lenders with an abundant amount of real estate connections, ending the constant search for more referrals.

Since then, WA Marketing Solutions' team of skilled professionals has grown, each with expertise in different aspects of mortgage marketing, lead generation, referral partner generation, social media marketing, content creation, funnel and web design.

WA Marketing Solutions quickly gained a reputation for delivering exceptional results and personalized strategies tailored to each client's unique needs.

Anagnos's entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to staying at the forefront of industry trends have allowed the company to adapt and evolve in an ever-changing digital landscape, helping one MLO at a time not just survive, but thrive in this lucrative yet challenging industry.

Today, Loan officers don't worry about how to get in front of more real estate agents, financial planners, and other business professionals anymore.

WA Marketing Solutions is known for its innovative approach, data-driven proven strategies, and unwavering dedication to helping mortgage businesses achieve their marketing & sales goals.

If you haven't worked with WA Marketing Solutions yet, schedule a call to see how we can 10x your networking efforts!

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