we will help you easily "partner up" with 3-4 new realtor referral partners every month - without cold calling, buying leads or open house visits

How it works:

Authority Positioning

It's important to be set up on social media and online in general in a way that resonates with the audience who is reading up on you, as it has a direct relation to being interested in meeting you if you were to ever reach out. Once you have an "irresistible online presence", next you must expand your reach so others have exposure to you. But who?


Don’t focus all of your time and energy on reaching out to the wrong real estate agents. Start on doing hyper-target via profession, experience and location and build a list of potential partners. Using advance search functions, on targeting those real estate agents that meet your requirements.

Outreach & Appointment Setting

Once you have interested prospects asking to chat, implement battle-tested & proven scripts that genuinely capture the attention of your target audience (Realtors, CPAs, etc) and make you stick out from the pack.


This is where most LO mess up. They speak with an agent then months go by and they couldn't receive even 1 of their buyers.

Sound like you?

After contacts enter your pipeline, automatically nurture your leads and provide them irresistible value on autopilot, allowing you to earn deals and close loans while your nurture works in the background.

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