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June 14, 20233 min read

If you’ve ever wondered if there is a way to speed up referral partner generation activities, we have a proposition – try automated referral partner generation!

Yes, that’s right.

Automation has been around for a while, especially for referral partner generation and management.

And no wonder it’s so effective since this way, you can find the most qualified referral partners and scale up your business.

But, more importantly, you can generate your referral partners daily.

That said if you wish to use referral partner generation automation properly but need to figure out how – fear not.

We will guide you on how to automate every sales and marketing referral partner generation task.

What Is Automated Referral Partner Generation?

Automated referral partner generation is a process of using technology to perform time-consuming sales and marketing referral partner generation tasks on your behalf.

To do this, you have different kinds of automation tools at your disposal. For example, you can use software to automate sending emails or LinkedIn connection requests.

Automated referral partner generation offers benefits such as:

Reducing human error and thus improving your workflow;

Saving time by performing manual tasks and decreasing workload;

Providing insights into the performance of referral partner generation activities so you can use optimization and improve;

Consistency in the workflow so you can generate referral partners daily;

Leaving room so you can focus on building relationships and referral partner nurturing.

That said, there are plenty of automation tools on the market to choose from.

However, let’s first distinguish the types of sales and marketing referral partner generation activities to discover what tool you should use accordingly.

Types of Automatic Referral Partner Generation

There are 2 types of automatic referral partner generation, but they best work when used in synergy.

Inbound Referral Partner Generation Automation

Inbound referral partner generation is a marketing strategy for attracting referral partners to your company.

For example, a marketing team can create content valuable to the best referral partners for your business.

The purpose of the content is to compel a referral partner to first take specific actions that will eventually lead to sales.

In addition, since referral partners nowadays focus on researching independently, inbound referral partner gen focuses on helping rather than selling. In other words, it shows the way toward your brand content pieces such as blogs, ebooks, and guides.

That said, inbound referral partner gen automation means streamlining the said tasks using automation tools.

Outbound Referral Partner Generation Automation

Outbound referral partner generation is about finding and reaching out to your ideal referral partners directly without waiting for them to reach out to you.

To clarify, rather than waiting for referral partners to find your website and reach out like inbound referral partner gen, you are the one who makes the first move.

That said, to automate your outbound referral partner generation tasks, you can use the following types of tools:

Email marketing and outreach tools – for outbound marketing and sales to automate sending emails, newsletters, or themed email sequences;

Prospecting tools – for marketing and sales to find outbound referral partners and contact information;

Social media automation tools – for sales to automate outreach on social media; Advertising tools – for marketers to automate buying digital advertising space.

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