18 Best Prospecting Tools For 2023 [+ FREE] 🚀

18 Best Networking Tools For 2023 [+ FREE] 🚀

July 13, 202318 min read

How to get more home buyers? 

Nowadays, to get qualified prospects, you need a detailed plan and a few networking tools. 

A detailed plan will make your lead generation smoother and increase conversion rates. At the same time, sales networking tools help you speed up specific discovery and lead management tasks that would take up so much of your time otherwise. 

The most widely-known networking tool is, for sure, LinkedIn, the #1 professional social media aimed at connecting companies from all over the world and encouraging them to make meaningful business-to-business connections. Even though LinkedIn networking is the best way to find new leads, there is still a lot of manual work, such as finding the leads’ contact information. 

That said, here are 18 other B2B prospecting tools you should consider using. They are meant for sales teams doing in-house prospecting activities or for a prospecting company offering it as a service.

Why Use B2B Networking Software & Sales Prospecting Tools? 

B2B networking software is designed to automate otherwise time-consuming prospecting activities, giving you more time to nurture qualified leads and close the deal. 

In other words, these tools give you the following: 

  • A way to get to your potential customers faster

  • More time as they streamline the most tedious research tasks,

  • A way to create personalized emails or LinkedIn messages so you can reach more people genuinely.

All B2B networking tools listed below are software as a service (SaaS), which means they are entirely delivered over the Internet and are accessible from anywhere on the planet. 

This makes them suitable for anyone interested in sales automation – from cold email campaigns and messaging on LinkedIn, to email finder, data generator or any other step in the outbound marketing process and lead management overall. 

18 Best B2B Networking Tools You Need In 2023 [Including Free Tools

1. Alpha Prospector – LinkedIn Networking Tool

Alpha Prospector is one of the best sales outreach and networking tools on the market. To clarify, it is LinkedIn automation and cold email software as service (SaaS). It helps you find your B2B leads’ data, maximize touch points with your leads and, therefore, reach your qualified prospects faster. 

How? Firstly, Alpha Prospector supports Premium, LinkedIn Sales Navigator, and Recruiter URLs. So salespeople can search for your new prospects via these platforms and import them directly into your Alpha Prospector outreach campaign. Or you can import your sales leads via CSV.

Secondly, Alpha Prospector can find your qualified leads’ B2B contact data with native
email verifier. This feature is unique on the market because you don’t need any 3rd-party tool or the need to connect with leads on LinkedIn first.

Moreover, Alpha Prospector combines LinkedIn connection requests, connection. messages , free and paid inmails, and the View and Follow steps with cold emails into smart sequences. This way, you can use multichannel outreach and maximize getting in touch with every lead.

Lastly, Alpha Prospector offers its users the Boost mode to bypass the LinkedIn connection limits and send over 500 invites per week. 

Alpha Prospector has an All-in-one pricing plan of $100 per seat/month.

2. LinkedIn Sales Navigator – Sales networking Tool For Lead Generation 

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is Premium built for salespeople to discover and connect with the most qualified leads for their business. 

With sales nav parameters, you can see all targeted members’ LinkedIn profiles, but you can access a series of sales-oriented features. These features are perfect for handpicking high-quality prospects, getting company data, segment target accounts for different outreach, and so on. 

It’s best when used with a LinkedIn automation tool and cold email software such as Alpha Prospector. To clarify, you can import leads through a Sales Navigator search result or Lead list. Once you do, you can create the outreach sequence with the highest number of touchpoints with your leads. 

LinkedIn Sales Navigator has 3 pricing plans:

  • Core – $100/mo

  • Advanced – The pricing depends on your contract details, the number of seats, and your chosen features;

  • Advanced plus – You need to request a demo with LinkedIn for this information.

3. Hubspot – B2B Networking Tool With Free Plan

Hubspot interface, one of the B2B prospecting tools on the list

Another tool that is widely used for networking and lead management is Hubspot.

This free CRM helps you take complete control of your sales process, starting with creating your prospect lists. Once you import new prospects, Hubspot’s enrichment feature will get you essential company insights. 

Hubspot also has a paid version within its Sales Hub product. Its pricing goes for $500 a month per minimum of 5 users and includes the following main features:

  • Creating email sequences and email campaigns;

  • ABM tools

  • Workflow integration with other apps;

  • Target accounts dashboard;

  • Identifying logged-in website visitors to send personalized emails or live chat replies;

  • Streamlining new lead assignation to your sales representatives;

4. Zoominfo

B2B prospecting tools list, Zoominfo dashboard

Zoominfo is a B2B database and a Chrome extension used by salespeople, marketing, and talent acquisition professionals. Accordingly, it has 3 pricing plans: 

  • SalesOS – offers sales teams company data, such as insights, buying intent signals, and accurate emails and employees’ phone numbers.

  • MarketingOS gives contact information, advanced company insights, and digital marketing solutions for display advertising. What’s more, marketers gain access to plugins, website chat, and forms management for lead generation. 

  • Lastly, TalentOS provides recruiters with advanced candidate search with accurate contact information, candidate alerts, and different engagement apps and integrations. 

That said, to get pricing for each plan, you must leave your contact information and jump on a call with their sales representative. In addition, the word on the street is that Zoominfo makes contracts with companies, not single users, which implies the pricing height. So if a minimum of 3 seats per contract is not for you, you should consider using other solutions.

Keep in mind that it’s not entirely necessary to buy contact data from companies such as Zoominfo. Instead, you can use Alpha Prospector “Email finder & verifier” feature as part of your outreach workflow. This way, you can gather all B2B contact data such as company name, business email & domain.

5. Contactout – B2B Networking Tool With Free Plan

Contactout dahsboard, B2B prospecting tools

Inspired by Zoominfo, ContactOut is a subscription-based, Chrome extension database suitable for occasional searches and long-term use.

Namely, it has a free plan that allows you to search up to 40 emails and 3 phone numbers and works for basic LinkedIn profiles only. Contactout’s free plan can also be an excellent way to test the database before committing to a paid pricing plan. 

Speaking of pricing, Contactout has 3 paid plans, billed annually:

  • Sales plan costs $79 per user a month. In addition, it offers 6000 emails a year, 600 phone numbers, CRM integration, and connection to other apps through Zapier.

  • The Recruiter plan goes for $199 per user a month. This plan offers 12000 emails and 600 phone numbers a year. In addition, it can find prospects’ personal or business emails. Moreover, like the one before, this plan offers CRM integration and a chance to link Contactout with other apps. 

  • Lastly, a customized plan, Team, offers everything in the Recruiter pricing plan plus volume discount and team collaboration. However, you need to contact their sales reps to get a quote on this one. 

6. Lusha – B2B Networking Tool With Free Plan

Lusha, B2B prospecting tool example

Another solution similar to Zoominfo is Lusha. This B2B networking tool helps you find prospects that belong to your ideal customer profile and respective decision-makers. 

Lush does this by accessing your LinkedIn account and using Chrome extension to scrape your leads’ contact information like company name or email. However, remember that Chrome extensions are not the safest since they inject code into this social media platform. In other words, LinkedIn can easily detect this code and get your LinkediIn account restricted

Lusha has 4 pricing plans billed annually, with the following main features:

  • Free – 5 credits to enrich contacts and get phone numbers or email verifications.

  • Pro – Lusha charges $29 per user a month. It offers 480 credits and the ability to manage prospect lists.

  • Premium – Lusha estimates this plan at $51 per user a month. It offers 960 credits, 25 contacts enrichment per bulk, and prospect list management. 

  • Scale – custom plan. It offers everything from the previous plan plus: 1000 contact enrichment in bulk, CSV enrichment, intent signals, CRM integration like Salesforce, and so on. However, Lusha requires you to schedule a call with their sales reps.

7. Clearbit – B2B Networking Tool With Free Plan

best B2B prospecting tools list, Clearbit dashboard

This is another database sales networking tool that lets you automate finding high-quality leads. Even though it helps sales teams find potential customers and enrich the data, Clearbit is more of an inbound lead generation solution for marketers. 

To clarify, Clearbit turns your website visitors into a sales pipeline by automating autofill on website forms. Moreover, Clearbit ties anonymous visitors with accounts and can immediately enrich your contacts. 

In addition, Clearbit gets more high-quality leads to your sales team by capturing intent. It does this by automating adding accounts and key buyer contacts to your CRM (Salesforce or Hubspot) from websites such as G2. 

Lastly, it offers marketers a unified dash for Google, Facebook, or YouTube ads and can perform exclusion for people who don’t belong in your ideal customer profile. 

Clearbit has 3 pricing plans:

  • Free – includes finding 100 emails through Chrome extension and enriching 50 domains and emails per month. 

  • Business – includes data enrichment, lead scoring, form optimization, advanced personalization, and conversion targeting. 

  • Powered by Clearbit – includes IP de-anonymization, company name and contact data, and free data credits.

However, you need to schedule a call with their salespeople to get to the price. This way, they can give you a custom quote based on the number of credits you need. 

8. SalesIntel

Best B2B prospecting tools list, Salesintel

Another database classified as a pretty good outbound sales networking tool is Salesintel. They provide 95% accurate and human-verified account and contact data so you can search through and find your ICP or a decision-maker.

They have 17 million contacts and 22 million company records and have 65% coverage of SaaS decision-makers. This is a nifty tool because you only need to insert the firmographic or demographic filters and let SalesIntel do its job. After you find your leads, you can import them to your outreach tool and send LinkedIn, multichannel, or email sequences. 

SalesIntel has one pricing plan that offers:

  • Unlimited emails and phone numbers if you prefer cold calling; 

  • Account and contact enrichments;

  • Unlimited saved searches;

  • Sales intelligence Account firmographic and technographic filters;

  • Buyer intent.

However, you’d need to contact their sales reps to get a custom quote. 

9. Seamless AI – B2B Networking Tool With Free Plan

Seamless AI dashboard - Best B2B prospecting tools list

Like SalesIntel, this outbound B2B sales networking tool is a simple database solution to find new leads. Sales professionals use Seamless AI to get real-time data verification, such as social media profiles and company insights, and use email finder. 

Salespeople can also use sales intelligence, aka buyer intent, to increase their networking efforts and determine their ICP’s needs. This way, they can write the right messaging and even follow-ups before the cold outreach

Lastly, Seamless AI offers data for social media advertising via lookalike audiences and retargeting to drive inbound B2B leads. 

Seamless AI has 4 pricing plans:

  • Free – up to 50 credits for emails or phone number search, AI Writer, and real-time search engine.

  • Basic – everything in Free, plus 250 monthly credits for finding emails or phone numbers and live training webinars.

  • Pro – everything in Basic plus daily credit refresh, integrations, job changes, buyer intent data, priority support, and dedicated success manager.

  • Enterprise – everything in Pro plus custom credits per user and phone support. 

10. Leadfeeder – B2B Networking Tool With Free Plan

Leadfeeder, B2B prospecting tools list

Leadfeeder is a networking software that helps ABM managers step up their lead generation game. To clarify, Leadfeeder has an IP enrichment API feature that can transform IP addresses into firmographic data in real time. 

In other words, once a lead visits your website, Leadfeeder can recognize the companies and filter out the ones that are not interested. In addition, it can filter visitors by country, industry, or pages they visited. You can then use the Leadfeeder Contacts feature to identify decision-makers from that company. Or you can personalize your chat to send particular messages depending on their behavior. 

Once you generate leads, you can integrate Leadfeeder with your CRM, such as Salesforce. This way, you can send potential customers along with the notification to your salespeople and help out their networking efforts.

Lastly, with the Leadfeeder, you can monitor the existing customers’ behavior. This way, if you see any anomaly, you can alert sales professionals, improve their sales process and prevent potential churn.

Leadfeeder has 2 pricing plans:

  • Free – no time limit, data from the last 7 days only, up to 100 companies identification.

  • Paid – starting at $199 per month and is paid annually. It includes 2500 credits, 3 seats, website visitor company identification, and other features listed above. 

11. Aeroleads – B2B Networking Tool With Free Plan

Aeroleads dashboard - Best B2B prospecting tools list

If you primarily cold email outbound campaigns, then AeroLeads is for you. AeroLeads ease up your sales process with the email verification feature that can find business and personal emails. In addition, this tool can even find phone numbers if you prefer cold calling. 

Only keep in mind that you’d need to use their Chrome extension to extract these emails from LinkedIn, Aeroleads search, and other websites. In addition, you can send your LinkedIn prospect to your CRM via plugin, thus sending a notification to your sales team. 

Aeroleads has 4 pricing plans:

  • Free – 50 monthly credits, where credit means a record of sales leads and 100 verified emails. In addition, you get contact data such as company name, phone number, or title, email campaigns, integrations, and prospects discovery from LinkedIn, Crunchbase, etc.

  • Take off – goes for $49 a month. It offers everything in the Free plan, plus 2000 monthly credits and 2000 verified emails. 

  • Climb – costs $149 for 5 users per month. It offers everything in the Free plan, plus 8000 monthly credits and 8000 verified emails. 

  • Cruise – costs $499 a month for an unlimited number of users. It has everything like in the Free plan, plus 30K monthly credits and 30K emails verified. 

12. Rocketreach

Rocketreach dashboard, B2B prospecting tools list

This is one of the best sales databases with 700M profiles and 35M companies that you can search by title, industry, and company details. In addition, with Rocketreach, you can find social media profiles and discover company connections from any platform.

Lastly, Rocketreach supports workflow integrations with CRM or any other app. 

Rocketreach has 3 pricing plans:

  • The Essentials plan costs $53 per user per month with 125 monthly lookups, which is used like a credit in other B2B networking tools. 

  • Pro is priced at $107 per user monthly with 300 monthly lookups.

  • The Ultimate plan costs $269 per user a month, with 833 lookups per user. 

13. Salesloft

Salesloft tool, B2B prospecting tools

This is a sales engagement platform that can help you use a single app to: 

  • Track your networking process

  • Discover what stage your leads are in,

  • Find out the next steps you need to take

  • Calculate the closed deal value and LTV.

In addition, Salesloft makes it easy for you to make calls, create emails, follow-ups, and meetings through the platform, and it will automatically sync with your CRM. 

Moreover, Salesloft can Identify sales leads’ buyer engagement on your website and in your communication so you can act on situations fast. 

Lastly, you can create a library of email templates, and Salesloft will keep track of the number of emails sent, clicks, and replies. This way, you’ll know what follow-ups or cold email templates are a winner. 

Salesloft has 3 pricing plans:

  • Essentials – You get automated workflows, sales pipeline performance data, insights, guidance, and conversation sales intelligence (call recordings and transcription integrated into your workflow).

  • Advanced – Everything in the Essentials plan, plus sales pipeline visibility (from prospecting to the conversation).

  • Premier – Everything in the Advanced plan, plus automatic forecast roll-up, submissions, and AI-driven next steps of the prospecting processes. 

However, you need to schedule a call with their sales team to get the pricing for each. 

14. Datanyze

B2B prospecting tools, Datanyze tool

The next tool that can help your networking process is Datanyze. Essentially, it’s a Chrome extension to help you gather the sales lead info from LinkedIn and other company websites. 

In addition, Datanyze provides ideas for icebreakers by what is happening in a prospect’s world, curated from personal social media feeds, current weather, etc.

Datanyze has 3 clear pricing plans:

  • Free (limited) – You get 10 monthly credits to test the platform for 90 days. 

  • Nyze Pro 1 – You get 80 credits per month. Additional credits are charged $0.363 per credit.

  • Nyze Pro 2 – You get 80 credits per month. Additional credits are charged $0.344 per credit.

15. Voila Norbert – B2B Networking Tool 

Voila Norbert, B2B prospecting tools

Voila Norbert is an extension-based email finder tool that, in addition, offers email verification and enrichment services. In other words, if you want to collect data beyond emails, Voila Norbert can find the prospect’s location, job title, and social media profiles. All you need to start is a prospect’s name and company URL

With a 98% success rate and ease of use, Voila Norbert can find any email provider including Gmail. And this is why it ranks among the best sales networking tools for lead generation. 

This tool doesn’t have a free plan. However, it provides the first 50 emails free of charge. Speaking of costs, Voila Norbert has 4 basic pricing plans. Every plan includes 50 bulk workers and API usage, and:

  • Valet ($49 per month) offers 1000 leads per month;

  • Butler ($99 per month) provides 5000 leads per month;

  • With Advisor ($249 per month), you get up to 15000 leads per month;

  • Counselor costs $499, and it offers 50K leads a month.

However, verification and enrichment services are charged separately: 

  • One verified email costs $0.003, 

  • and email enrichment costs $0.04 per email. 

16. Hunter – B2B networking tools With Free Plan

B2B prospecting tools, Hunter, email finder

Another software on our best sales B2B networking tools list is Hunter. This is a Chrome extension tool that can find emails by company or name and verify them. It can also perform a domain search to find out who to contact within the company. 

Even though they are an email outreach platform, they are still most used for email discovery. However, Hunter can automate sending cold email campaigns and follow-ups from your Gmail and Outlook accounts.
Lastly, you can
integrate Hunter with any other tool and, for example, send your high-quality leads to your CRM.

Hunter has 4 pricing plans:

Pricing# Of Monthly searches# Of Verifications# Of Email Account Linked# Of Recipients per CampaignFree0€25501500Starter49€5001K32500Growth149€ 5K10K105KBusiness499€ 50K100K2010K

17. Evaboot – Sales networking Tool With Free Plan

Evaboot dashboard, B2B prospecting tools

Evaboot is a Sales Navigator scraper. To clarify, it is a Chrome extension-based tool that finds emails using Sales Navigator and adds additional data such as name, company size, and job title. Then, you can later export data via CSV and use it elsewhere. 

It can automatically clean the names, job titles, and company names of any emoji or symbols. Moreover, it can detect leads that are not your Buyer Persona and remove them automatically.

Evaboot has 3 subscription plans:

  • $49 a month for 2K export and email credits each;

  • $99 a month for 5K export and email credits each;

  • $199 a month for 50K export and email credits each.

However, if these plans do not suit your needs, you can always pay their one-time fee for different amounts of emails you want to find and export. Lastly, when you install their extension, you get one-time 1000 credits free to export leads. 

18. GetProspect – B2B networking Tools With Free Plan

GetProspects dashboard, B2B prospecting tools list

Last but not least, we have GetProspect. This is a simple email finder solution that scrapes the contacts from LinkedIn using the Chrome extension.

Moreover, they have a B2B contact database, which you can access, find leads via 15 filtering options, and get real-time data and email verifications. 

Lastly, you can link and sign up with your Gmail or Microsoft emails and try the tool for free.

GetProspect has 5 pricing plans, paid monthly or yearly: 

  • Free for 50 emails and 100 verifications;

  • $49 for 1K emails a month and 2K verifications;

  • $99 for 5K emails and 10K verifications;

  • $199 for 20K valid emails and 40K verifications;

  • $399 for 50K emails and 100K verifications;

Wrap Up And Advice

Choosing the right B2B networking tools can be challenging. However, it doesn’t have to be hard – our advice is to start the research by defining what you need

If, for example, you need an email finder only, then use tools such as Voila Norbert or GetProspect. However, if you need an entire database, check Salesintel or Contactout.

Lastly, if you find yourself in a situation where you need all the above and the multichannel solution, then choose Alpha Prospector. Simple as that. Just define what you want and then go for it.

Finding best prospecting tools reaction GIF

Speaking of Alpha Prospector, wish to try it out for free? Then sign up for a  7-day free trial, and we’ll help you get onboard in no time.  

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