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Get More Realtors In 2023

November 28, 20228 min read


Did you know that LinkedIn Realtor generation is one of the most vital activities for the sales departments of mortgage companies?

“Why?” you ask.

Well, because LinkedIn is the #1 social media platform for generating Realtor contacts. Its Realtor conversion rates are 3x higher than cold networking and cold calling.

We can go on with the metrics, but you get the gist. LinkedIn is one of the best social media platforms for generating tons of qualified Realtors that convert successfully.

Sadly, many people do not take advantage of this social media platform. Or they do not have the desired results using LinkedIn Realtor generation and just give up. 

So, in this complete guide, we will walk you through everything you need to know about LinkedIn Realtor generation. To be more precise, you will learn: 

  • What is LinkedIn Realtor generation;

  • How to generate qualified Realtors on LinkedIn;

  • What you need to do before you even think about a LinkedIn Realtor generation;  

  • Top intent-based strategies to make your LinkedIn Realtor generation flow in with results and shorten the nurture cycle;

  • What are the best LinkedIn Realtor generation tools are;

  • How to perform outreach after you generated high-quality Realtors;

  • Answers to most frequently asked questions about LinkedIn Realtor generation.

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What Is LinkedIn Realtor Generation?

LinkedIn Realtor generation represents activities associated with identifying, gathering, and warming up potential referral partners on LinkedIn.

Why LinkedIn?

With the competitive market, generating high-quality Realtors has become somewhat of a challenge for mortgage companies. Thus everyone needed to step up their Realtor generation efforts to stay relevant in the market.

That is where LinkedIn comes in. With 875 million members from 200+ countries, this #1 social media for professionals became a goldmine. 

To make it easier for you to find the perfect Realtor, LinkedIn provides insights such as job titles, company they work in and its size, content they like and more.

How To Generate Realtors From LinkedIn?

To generate high-quality Realtors on LinkedIn you need to perform different sales and marketing activities, leverage performance data, and improve. These activities include but are not limited to defining target audience, outreach, creating or sharing gated content, communicating benefits, and Realtor nurturing. 

Using LinkedIn Outreach For Realtor Generation:

LinkedIn outreach signifies contacting and warming up potential referral partners on LinkedIn. It is the next step in the Realtor generation process, once salespeople finish with LinkedIn prospecting or after the marketing team acquires contact information through gated content. LinkedIn is the preferred social media for outreach due to communication simplicity.

An LO can outreach two types of Realtors to generate and qualify them: inbound or outbound Realtors. Inbound Realtors are the ones who have already interacted with your company (e.g. gave their information due to lead generation strategy or contacted via chat). On the other hand, sales professionals outreach outbound Realtors by themselves after finding them via prospecting.

Outreach on LinkedIn is definitely a long and separate subject on its own. However, there are definitely a couple of main principles we must mention for the sake of this article.

LinkedIn Outreach Principles:

Firstly, LinkedIn outreach is the main part of the social selling strategy. In other words, it focuses on building relationships, offering a solution to problems, and nurturing Realtors throughout the buying journey.  

For example, you will usually find sales professionals starting the conversation on LinkedIn by asking about the Realtor's workflow. Or they will offer educational content or case studies long before they pitch their product or service.

Secondly, LinkedIn outreach is about quality, not quantity. So make sure to find and outreach the right people according to your Realtor partner avatar.

Lastly, as marketing can retarget website visitors, LOs can use retargeting of their own. To clarify, they can reach out to people they already had contact with in some shape or form and didn’t convert. The outreach message can be a simple follow up to catch up after a while or a full product update, depending on where they left off the conversation. 

What Do You Need to Do Before LinkedIn Realtor Generation?

As previously stated, LinkedIn Realtor generation is undoubtedly the main focus for mortgage companies. However, you can’t just dive right into LinkedIn Realtor generation without first establishing the basics.

If you do, you will generate a miserable number of Realtors and not the good ones either. The reason for such an outcome is poor LinkedIn Realtor generation basic steps, strategy, targeting, and outreach method. Luckily we will cover everything below.

Are you ready? We will start with what you need to do first. 

Create Highly Converting LinkedIn Profile:

Before you start any LinkedIn Realtor generation activity, you must improve your LinkedIn profile and optimize it for conversions. If you do it thoroughly, it will stand out from other profiles and attract more people to visit it.

This goes for the company’s LinkedIn page, as well. Set the high-quality logo as your profile picture, add a high-quality cover photo that mirrors your branding, and import as much info as possible. Lastly, don’t forget to optimize your LinkedIn company URL for SEO, as LinkedIn users and search engines will use it to find your page.

Image of LinkedIn company page URL optimization - example

So, to stand our case, optimizing your profile will improve the conversion rate. Thus, it is one of the most important first steps to successful LinkedIn Realtor generation.

Define Your ICP And Buyer Persona For LinkedIn Realtor Generation:

Your perfect Realtor avatar defines your perfect customer and their company. In other words, they contain Realtor specification variables such as job title, the industry they work in, company size, or location. 

You should create your avatar based on your current customer data. This way, these documents will contain what type of Realtor: 

  • Has the shortest nurture cycle;

  • Keeps high retention rate and LTV.

  • Refer your services elsewhere.

If you do not define your avatar, you won’t be able to: 

  • Prepare your LinkedIn Realtor generation outreach messages to convert; 

  • Generate high-quality Realtors;

  • Or create thought-leadership content to appeal to your ideal potential customers. 

In other words, you can’t do all these things because you don’t know who you are doing it for, to begin with. So be sure to define both to make your LinkedIn Realtor generation strategies more effective.

Become A Thought Leader

Being someone others follow to discover more about their position-related news is one of the essential activities of LinkedIn Realtor generation. Keep in mind that being a thought leader is a continuous process. Once you get started with it, you need to be consistent to grow your network.

The best hook for any thought leader is offering valuable and actionable content to your network. Moreover, you will have better engagement if you add proof of success, for example, the exact results you achieved.

By offering a lot of valuable content, you’re earning people’s trust and building the image of an expert in your field. This will help you gain influence status in your market and get tons of Realtors through your posts. 

What's more, you will connect with people on a much deeper level by being proactive and initiating different conversations based on your content.

How To Become Thought Leader?

Provide people with actionable steps to implement in their business. In addition, these steps should demonstrate your experience in improving your own or someone else’s business. Or, you could share stories about tools and strategies you used to get incredible results. 

To clarify the previously stated, let’s go through an example.

Post example demonstrating LinkedIn lead generation strategy through leadership

Why did this post work?

Firstly, the opening line promises a lot and entices readers to discover more about the story.

Secondly, the author showcases the astonishing results and what they could bring to anyone who follows the same steps.

Thirdly, by explaining how the content they share helped his company, the author provides the direct benefit and why people should read the document.

Lastly, they include an alluring CTA so people continue engaging with the post. Moreover, said CTA plays the main role in increasing this post’s tremendous reach (98,910 people).


Well, this post uses the LinkedIn algorithm to its fullest potential. To clarify, when you publish a post, this is what the LinkedIn algorithm does:

  • First, it shows your post to a small group of people called a test group;

  • Secondly, if the test group engages with your post, LinkedIn starts showing your post to all your 1st-degree connections and their friends;

  • Lastly, if the 2nd or 3rd-degree connections engage with it, it will appear in their network too.

That’s how the wider audience can see this post and engage with it. 

Build Your Network And Relationships On LinkedIn

Being a thought leader is all nice and fun. However, you won’t get far unless you use this social media for what it truly is for: building a network and nurturing real relationships with other members. 

There is no workaround for this one. The only way to build a relationship with your network is to reach out and start a conversation with them (read between the lines – LinkedIn outreach). Talk about their work experience, and what they find most challenging or exchange tips. You can also have a digital coffee with them.

That said, establish a habit of finding new people to interact with each day. After all, from honest and good relationships, great customers are born. And that is social selling for you folks.

LinkedIn Realtor generation works best if you combine it with other Realtor prospecting methods outside of LinkedIn and then circle back to LinkedIn to outreach to them.

However, you don’t have to do the outreach alone. WA Marketing Solutions can help you out with that. So come by, checkout your Realtor Networking Automation Software!

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