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How it works

The Perfect Realtor Prospecting Programs are our unique done-for-you marketing systems that help mortgage pros generate more warm conversations with real estate agents and other industry professionals to scale by adding new referral sources to their business portfolio, while at the same time automating their marketing efforts.

Using our Proprietary Targeting Strategy, Organic Campaigns & Marketing Platform, our systems enable its loan officers to generate their own exclusive opportunities with individuals looking for a loan guy/gal.

Step 1: Authority Positioning

Establish your online presence as you being the “go-to lender” in the minds of your target market. Adopting our methods has earned LOs up to 5x more positive exposure to new Realtors, with no comparison to the amount of exposure you can get at a traditional networking event or open house. Positioning you in the right way will bring real estate agents to you, not the other way around.

Step 2: Targeting

Don’t focus all of your time and energy on reaching out to the wrong real estate agents.

Break down the market to find the exact type of real estate agents you are looking to work with.

Using advanced search functions to focus your marketing efforts on targeting those real estate agents that meet your requirements.

Step 3: Scripts & Appointment Setting

Implement battle-tested & proven scripts that genuinely capture the attention of your target audience (Realtors, CPAs, etc) and make you stick out from the pack.

Follow the process and schedule the warm appointment right into your calendar!

Step 4: Realtor Retention

This is where most LO mess up. They book 4-8 appointments with Realtors per week, yet they aren't receiving 4-8 referrals per week...

What's the point in appointments if you can't convert them?

Sound like you?

After contacts enter your pipeline, automatically nurture your leads and provide them irresistible value on autopilot, allowing you to close loans while your nurture works in the background.

Want to learn more?

Let a team of tried and true referral partner establishing masters handle your prospecting and nurture systems and processes for you so you can easily grow and expand your business! Fill out the form to the right!

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